2013 Holiday Gift Pack

Wow, what a year! Since May 21st, we’ve managed to release 13 EPs, 2 Full Length compilations, and 22 Snacks! That’s a whole lotta music, and all of it FREE! The support has been overwhelming, the kind words so appreciated, and the demo inboxes overfloweth. We wanted to do a little something to thank you for the amazing year, so, we present THE 12 DAY FEAST! 12 Days of downloads, all leading up to a massive Zip file on Friday Dec 20th! Check in every day at 1pm EST for a new fresh track!

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Main Course presents The 12 Day Feast!

Dec 9th – Swick & Lewis Cancut – Bassline Kick (ft Di Apprentice)
Dec 10th – Bot – Barefoot (Jeff Doubleu Remix)
Dec 11th – Will Eastman – Caroline (Nacey Remix)
Dec 12th – Swick & Lewis Cancut – Hi Score (Raymond Lam Remix)
Dec 13th – Astronomar – Like This (Bot Remix)
Dec 14th – Astronomar – Pay Attention (2D Noize Remix) *
Dec 15th – His Majesty Andre – Sunshine (AC Slater Remix)
Dec 16th – SNACKS.026 Banana Seat – Buddy
Dec 17th – SNACKS.023 Bot & David Heartbreak – Ben Hur
Dec 18th – SNACKS.024 Gooba – Owls
Dec 19th – SNACKS.025 Kayper – Out My Mind
Dec 20th – 12 Day Feast / 2013 Holiday Gift Pack Zip File

* Still available via Pay With a Tweet/Facebook Post

Plus Diplo & Friends x Main Course Takeover (BBC Radio 1xtra) Re-listen to it now!

Holiday Zip Pack Tracks include:

Astronomar – Careless Earthquake
Astronomar – Dick Dick Booty Booty Dick
Astronomar – Had to Move On (UNRELEASED HIJACK Remix)
Astronomar – Like This (Bot Remix -Tony Quattro Tribal Skinhead Edit)
Astronomar – Like This (Emoh Instead Edit)
Astronomar – Like This (Main Course – MCR-003)
Astronomar – Tote It Anthem
Astronomar – Turn Up The HA!
Astronomar & Bot – Ghetto Box ( Betz Remix )
Astronomar & Bot – Ghettobox
Astronomar & Neoteric – Playhouse
Banana Seat – Buddy (Snacks 026 – Main Course)
Bobby LaBeat vs ATCQ – Here We Go Yo
Booba – A.C. Milan (Swick Edit)
Bot – Marijuana Spider
Bot – Oppo
Bot – Panda Khaki
Bot & David Heartbreak – Ben Hur (Snacks 023 – Main Course)
Bot x Kanye – Black Skinhead Goes Down (Shelco Garcia & TEENWOLF REBOOT)
Deboniar Samir – Samir’s Theme (His Majesty Andre Edit)
DJ $mirnoff – Haters In The Club
Dj $mirnoff- Nwind URself
DJ Bark Lee – Walk 4 U
Dorrough Music – I.D.G.A.F (Wood Holly ‘DGAF’ Edit)
Douster – All Crew
Dupree – Brass Disc (Eats Everything Remix – Neoteric Edit)
Forrest – Marlon Brandon (Neoteric Dubedit)
Four Tet – Kool Fm ( Bot rework )
Fukk Off- More Than Friends (Congorock Remix Astronomar Edit)
Get Down & Jack (Neoteric Did It)
Go Deep (Clockwork Edit)
Gooba – Owls (Snacks 024 – Main Course)
Grandtheft & Smalltown DJs – Flying (Main Course Snacks 012)
Happy Colors & G-Buck – Worldwide (Snacks 017 – Main Course)
His Majesty Andre – Sunshine (AC Slater Remix)
Kayper – Out My Mind (Snacks.025 – Main Course)
KiNK vs Johnny Fiasco – Groove On (Neoteric’s Dub Edit)
KW Griff – Fascination (Thee Mike B Edit)
Latoya Waxson – Rent Is Too Damn High (Downtown Apartment Mix)
Major Lazer – Jet Blue Jet (Joey Massa Remix)
MIA – Bring the Noize (Wuki Club Edit)
Nacey – Dirty Sweet
PTAF – Boss Ass ( Bot Edit )
Rod Lee – Holla Back (Tony Quattro Edit)
Sean Roman – Electric
Springer (Wuki Bootleg)
Swick & Lewis Cancut – Bassline Kick (ft. Di Apprentice)
Switch vs Wax Motif & Neoteric – Makin Deep Money (Astronomar Edit)
Symone – Buyakasha (Cosenza Bootleg)
Tony Quattro – Superbad (Snacks 009 – Main Course)
Wax Motif & Neoteric – Das Machines
Wax Motif & Neoteric – Springer (Waxlife XXL Remix)
Whitesquare – Luniz Boot (Neoteric’s Gimme Some Brew Edit)
Will Eastman – Caroline (Nacey Remix)
Wuki vs Bot – Same Damn Sound (Ned Kelly edit)
Zdot & Dan Dare – Street Fighter (Neoteric Simply Sped It Edit)


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