We have one simple goal: to get good music heard. In a nutshell, here’s what we do at Main Course

  • We love, and want to release all styles of music. If we love it, we sign it.
  • All Main Course releases are offered free for a month!
  • You can purchase the tracks from iTunes, Beatport and all fine digital retailers, plus stream them via Spotify, Google Play, our YouTube channel and most other music services.

Send your demos to our A&Rs
* Please do NOT send mp3’s as attachments, instead send a download link, or a private soundcloud link. Send 1 or 2 of your best tracks to start, if we’d like to hear more, we’ll ask. We can’t sign bootlegs, mashups, or remixes of records we don’t own, so please consider what you’re sending.

Please don’t mass CC us along with 50 other labels – the personal approach is always noted, and we want some exclusive stuff! Try to give us a very short introduction to yourself, and include a link to your track.

You can also submit your tracks to our Soundcloud Dropbox (but please also follow up with an email to and link to your Soundcloud song (private links!), so we don’t miss it)

Send Us that Heat!

Unfortunately we cannot get back to everyone who submits, but we thank you for considering Main Course.

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