Uptown Skank / Dirty Sweet


Release Date: October 1, 2013



Picture this. a dark, underground club somewhere in East London. The exposed brick walls sweating; the bass rattling the graffiti covered bathroom stall doors. You’re about 8 drinks deep, on a tear with your best mates and Uptown Skank escapes from the soundsystem. The hypnotic whirling, punctuated with those energetic, piercing stabs takes over. Those aforementioned sweaty walls are slapped in approval, let the skanking commence. Now, flip the record. Dirty Sweet vibes with the sounds of classic New York house – Dirty drums, tough as balls, with a strong hip hop influence. This sounds like what Da Mongaloids of present day might be making. Drop that shit one mo’ gain mayne!

Nacey Andrew Wallace, aka Andrew Wallace is a Washington, DC based producer, and band member of Misun A co-founder of Nouveau Riche, DC’s best party, and a resident at the legendary u Street Music Hall, Nacey has been featured in The Fader, New York Magazine, Stereogum, Discobelle and RCRDLBL. Nacey contributed the opening track to Major Lazer & La Roux’s high profile LAZERPROOF album on Downtown Records, and later that year, his bootleg of M.I.A.’s ‘Steppin’ Up’ earned the #1 rank on Hype Machine’s popular list. His productions continue to penetrate a wide range of audiences, and have gained support worldwide from Diplo, The Neptunes, and many others. We are absolutely honoured to welcome this amazing talent to the Main Course family!

1) Uptown Skank
2) Dirty Sweet

Cover Artwork by Kujo Maverick