The Compilation


Release Date: October 29, 2013



Welcome to the first full length release from Main Course. Snacks Volume One is a collection of tracks from artists around the world who have prepared ‘A Little of this, a little of that’ for the potluck, which spans multiple genres, as we’ve never been picky eaters. Main Course ambassadors Astronomar & Bot bring the riotous club smashers with their collaboration ‘Ghettbox’ and Bot’s solo smash ‘Barefoot’ proves a flute CAN make the club go mad! The Netherlands Jeff Doubleu takes us to Dubai with a modern day jack groove, and Stoltenhoff’s first release, ‘Clubby Woodpecker’ is catching heavy supports from Diplo & BBC Radio 1. Major Lazer collaborator FS Green delivers a spastik, boombastic trap track, complete with mumbling babies and 808’s. Wuki brings the bass, and simultaneously calls those out with the ‘Same Damn Sound’. Douster douses some acid on us, with throwback party jam ‘To The Bone’, while Wax Romeo keeps it ever so classy with ‘If you Say’. Baltimore’s Say Wut tag teams with Finland’s Sharkslayer on The Buckhorn, a hyper club with driving horns. Vancouver band The Slow Waves wrap it up on a smooth note, with the lush ‘Desires’ – they haunt us, too. One thing is for certain, all that snacking certainly won’t ruin your meal.

01. Astronomar & Bot – Ghettobox
02. Jeff Doubleu – Dubai
03. FS Green – Goolie Goolie
04. Stoltenhoff – Clubby Woodpecker
05. Bot – Barefoot
06. Wuki – Same Damn Sound
07. Wax Romeo – If You Say
08. Douster – To The Bone
09. Sharkslayer & Say Wut – The Buckhorn
10. The Slow Waves – Desires

Cover Artwork by Giovanni Bettacchioli for mixtapebrioss