Wax Romeo

More Than Nothing / Pilo Remix


Release Date: November 19, 2013



Two Techno treasures await your discovery. Lock in the co-ordinates: 69’r:187’m:95 South a.k.a Calgary. Just fuckin’ giv’r Bud. Like the Dinosaurs before them, we’ve unearthed a couple of immaculately preserved samples from Wax Romeo. Oh Berghain where art thou? ‘More Than Nothing’ instantly caught our attention with its space-witch mumblings, jumpy percussion and acid baseline; it’s unlike any specimen we’ve yet discovered. The 2nd finding is an altered version from Los Angelino Pilo (Boys Noize/Turbo Records). It shows a producer of young age with highly developed skill, but an obvious infliction of insanity. The sounds are undoubtably unclassifiable at this point, but if you asked our super accurate archaeological dude opinions we’d have to say ‘Pterodactyls trapped in a warehouse cave’. We can dig it.

This bio is straight jacked from our friend Jubilee’s Thump article on Calgary, home of the legend. “Wax Romeo is not only a totally Sikh house and disco DJ, but he’s somewhat of a party legend. His name means “light of the sages,” which is pretty appropriate given the kind of profound wisdom we’ve seen him come out with whilst in party mode. Everyone loves his moody music and has a different funny story about him, like the time he was got lost after DJing and we found him asleep in the broom closet.”

1) More Than Nothing
2) More Than Nothing (Pilo Remix)

Cover Artwork by Giovanni Bettacchioli for mixtapebrioss