Mutant Club EP


Release Date: May 6, 2014



Weird will never go out of style, and to survive the EDM flood one needs to approach the club in a different manner. No YouTube tutorial can replicate the motions of the mutant, for it is a gene only carried by a select few. As an official ambassador of the future sound, Astronomar returns with a new 4 track EP, exactly a year after ‘Like This / Pay Attention’ impacted. Gargoile instantly grabs, and is described as ‘Rusted Out minimal baltimore club’. Drama once again pairs Astronomar with fellow Main Course man Bot for the anthemic ‘Drama’. Ha Ha Ha is a ballroom vogue anthem in the making – oh, we think we fierce alright. Runway as a house! And finally, rounding out the release is the deeply mindful Thot Process, with its squarks and bassline purr. Incredible early supports for each track across the board from the likes of Congorock (BBC’s Diplo & Friends), Botnek, Torro Torro, Sinden and other like minded tastemakers. First rule of Mutant Club is tell everyone how crazy this shit is…

Astronomar is no longer a child, but an Astronoman. An Alaskan man living in Los Angeles, he’s like the Chris Hadfield of club musics, but the doctor said his tracks were just too sick to travel to the moon. So, that was kind of lucky. For us, not him. He now devotes his time to earthly pursuits, like DIY arts and crafts plus chick peas. Did u know he also had really long hair at one point and looooves metal? This is where we brag and tell you that Iggor from Sepultura made this muthaf*#^in cover for us! In closing Astronomar travels around the world, and releases on labels like Mad Decent, Fools Gold and Owsla too. Those facts are also cool but not as impressive as space stuff. He once killed a bear.


01. Gargoile
02. Drama (featuring Bot)
03. Ha Ha Ha
04. Thot Process

Cover Artwork by Iggor Cavalera (Mixhell, Sepultura)
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