Bot Music EP


Release Date: May 13, 2014



Returning exactly a year after his Indastria 2028 EP, Main Course main man Bot is back with a quadruple a-side package entitled simply and fittingly as ‘Bot Music’. This is exactly what it claims to be, a diverse yet obviously related collection of tracks showcasing his talents and abilities to produce any sound and style, with an undeniably unique twist. Scream 85 has flute, breakbeat and shrieks, but don’t call it trap. To us, it sounds like the best Hello Nasty era Beastie Boys beat that never was. But is now *facemelt* . Monky Man is an anthemic war cry heard before The Planet of the Apes do Civil War. Just think about that one – so many headless Apes lying dead, but lets not ever mention this to PETA. Now, what do you get when you combine an Alaksan, some proper garage vibes and an Italian living in London? A: Fribay featuring Astronomar. This ones a burner, innit? Finally, Federjet rounds out the pack. We thought it should be called Snails Farting, but we think it was named after a Russian tennis player. Makes sense I guess. Bot Music for the win in straight sets! Fore!

Bot is soo Italian, he’ll judge you if you order a cappuccino at a time other than breakfast, and speaks with his hands much more than normal. What is normal anyway though? His drums are proper sick. Newly relocated to Los Angeles, Bot is working hard to redefine his productions as a solo artist and broaden his sound palette since departing that famed duo we don’t need to mention anymore. Look into it, or maybe don’t; just listen. There’s more than enough to get familiar with, as 2013 saw 2 releases on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records, plus EPs on Fake Blood’s Blood Music, and his home for many years, Southern Fried. Stay tuned for the upcoming Bot & Wafa ‘MSMFN’ EP coming in July on Main Course, plus his triumphant return to North America this summer on the Main Course Mutant Club Tour.


01. Scream 85
02. Monky Man
03. Fribay ((featuring Astronomar)
04. Federjet

Cover Artwork by Giovanni Bettacchioli for Mixtape Brioss
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