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Release Date: July 22, 2014



Hot Damn! 4 face-melting tracks from one of the most consistently unique and original producers out there, our mate Swick. We got an email one day with these tracks like “Here’s my next EP, what do you think?”. We were like “Holy Shit!”. Then he was like “Yeah, sick!”. We looked a bit closer and found 4 distinct and twisted tracks. ‘TOTAL 90’ is a bit tropical, as they say, driven by pulsing horns and whistles. ‘SUPER GOLD TENNIS’ sound like a ping pong match on steroids, trick shots and all. ‘FULL COURT’ is going to make some serious noise worldwide, it has set crowds into a frenzy with each play, expect this to cross over to the trap and festival circuits too. Massive! ‘ZIG ZAG RADIO’ closes out the release on a high note; stadium cheers, insane sounds we won’t even try to describe. Lots of farts, but the impressively amusing kind, not the disgusting sort. It sorta brings us back to the first track, which tells us this release should be played on endless loop. No one else is making music like this!

Swick is from Melbourne, Australia. It’s kind of expensive to visit there, but if you work there you make a nice wage, which sort of evens it all out. These tracks follow up the fantastically quirky ‘Hi Score b/w Music For Birds’ release which dropped about a year ago on Main Course with co-host Lewis Cancut. A frequent collaborator with Diplo & Major Lazer, Swick makes this madness in his garage, while watching football (we imagine). We don’t know what Swick means, but if we had to guess, it might be a combination of Sweet & Sick. That’s kind of a shitty guess though, it probably means something in Australian, like “Razor”. Cuz he’s so sharp. Ok, ok, this press release is OVER.


01. TOTAL 90

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