Quack Attack


Release Date: September 2, 2014



“I find a duck’s opinion of me is very much influenced by whether or not I have bread. Ducks love bread, but they can’t buy any. That’s the biggest joke on the duck ever..” – Mitch Hedberg

One of the biggest tracks of the summer, destined for festival prime time, Aylen is here with the infectious Quack Attack. It’s fun, a bit cheeky, and undeniably attention grabbing. It caught our ears when we heard Botnek and Snails running it on a live stream. We freaked out, and tracked it down, and had it premiered via The EDM Network, amassing over 50,000 plays and counting, after just a few days. Beatport #1 champ TJR loves the record and has been playing it nightly. We hope his charms rub off on the record as we release the package exclusively on Beatport August 19th, followed by all stores September 2nd. Included are a couple smashing remixes from rising Los Angeles based producer Kayzo, who tones down the weird and turns up the epic to euphoric levels, and RVBRA, our favourite weirdo Italian duo who keep it cheeky, with some hardcode jack injected. Quack Attack ain’t nuthin to duck wit!


01. Quack Attack
02. Quack Attack (Kayzo Remix)
03. Quack Attack (RVBRA Remix)