Mutant Club Remixes


Release Date: September 23, 2014



Astronomar’s 4 track ‘Mutant Club’ EP (originally released in May) received big supports across the board, from all our favourite DJs. Each track a different chamber of the mind, with a unique and inventive sound. With that in mind, stems were sent to 3 of the most interesting and exciting producers in the scene and we had them go to work. Fiyah-hot Fools Gold duo gLAdiator took ‘Drama’, (the explosive collabo with Bot) to new levels of bass and hype with a smashing half time hybrid remix premiered by A-Trak at HARD SUMMER. Now, we make it no secret that we are massive fans of Fade To Mind producer Massacooramaan. and we were geeked at his ability to flip the playful ‘Gargoile’ into a percussive club weapon; this is some next level ish for the mind. Next up, frequent collaborator Sinden morphs ‘HA HA HA’ into a 303 whirlwind techno mastercut. Dark basements beware, this remix is no laughing matter. And finally, we offer the stem track of ‘Thot Process’, exclusively apart of this pack, and invite producers to give it a shot for a chance for their remix to be officially released on an upcoming Remixes compilation. Play these often, and play them loud!

Astronomar is no longer a teenaged turntablism prodigy, but an Astronoman. An ‘Alaskan’ man living in Los Angeles, he’s like the Chris Hadfield of club musics, but the doctor said his tracks were just too sick to travel to the moon. That was kind of lucky. For us, not him. He now devotes his time to earthly pursuits, like DIY arts and crafts plus chick peas. Did u know he also had really long hair at one point and looooves metal? This is where we brag and tell you that Iggor from Sepultura made this muthaf*#^in cover for us! In closing Astronomar travels around the world, and releases on labels like Mad Decent, Fools Gold and Owsla too. Those facts are also cool but not as impressive as space stuff. He once killed a bear.


01. Astronomar & Bot – Drama (Gladiator Remix)
02. Astronomar – Gargoile (Massacooramaan Remix)
03. Astronomar – HA HA HA (Sinden Remix)
04. Astronomar – Thot Process Remix Stem