Main Course Presents

Snacks: The Compilation Volume 6


Release Date: October 14, 2014



Snacks Six! Sick Snacks! Alliterations aside this is perhaps the strongest collection of club weapons we’ve assembled thus far. Infuze & Bot start it off with Analog Ting, an anthemic monster for the floor, complete with half time drops, and drum and bass influences. Peak time power! Robs & Duke, from Jena, Germany are 2 young students who submitted ‘Whine Up’ for extra credit – this song absolutely smashes every time we play it out. Undeniable in every form, A+ material. Then, Italian wunderduo RVBRA follow up their Takira EP with the massive ‘Flush’ – it’s the shit, we guarantee! Skitzofrenix drops in with ‘On My Mind’, yet another chapter in his ever evolving and far reaching sound, this one is sure to be a hit across a variety of dancefloors, and something for the ladies too. Catchy as hell. Rounding out the starting 5, newcomer from Newcastle, Australia Stephane 1993 gives us ‘Plaques’, an undeniable smash that has DJs asking for IDs, and our Soundcloud goin nuts. Basically, it’s in the pocket like Wallace and got the bounce like hydraulics, ya dig?

Remaining down under, our mate Wongo delivers a tuff and jacking track that reminded us so dearly of our hero Switch we had to snatch up ‘Took Me’. Watch for much more coming from this talented fella. Flying back to Milano, another talented duo, Retrohandz bring us ‘Hypnotised’, a dark and resonant club smasher with underground sensibilities. That remains the theme for the rest of the release, as we next travel to France and get prehistoric with the Jurassic FightClub. ‘To Com’ features the vocal stylings of MC Maiquinho (Brazil) and kind of sounds like a dinosaur fight soundtracked by Baile Funk. We realise humans and dinosaurs didn’t live together at the same time, but if they did, they’d be dancing together to this. Imagine a T-Rex doing the Yung Joc ‘Motorcycle Hands’ haha, classic Rex. Ok sorry, we got sidetracked, but Texan boss BIGGS releases his first track ‘Booyeh’ with us, and we couldn’t be prouder. Anthemic chords, with a dirty, underground drums, this one kinda plays both sides of the fence in a really good way, setting the stage for Miami’s Badluck. Change is perhaps the most unorthodox and off kilter track on the compilation. It’s so damn weird, in the way that we love so fondly. This concludes another collection of young talents, weird sounds, and crazy club anthems. I think we shot 10 for 10 on this comp bud.

01 – Infuze & Bot – Analog Ting
02 – Robs & Duke – Whine Up
03 – RVBRA – Flush
04 – Skitzofrenix – On My Mind
05 – Stephane 1993 – Plaques
06 – Wongo – Took Me
07 – Retrohandz – Hypnotised
08 – Jurassic Fight Club – To Com Saudade (ft. MC Maiquinho)
09 – BIGGS – Booyeh
10 – Badluck – Change

Cover Artwork by GIAK