Mutant Club



Release Date: October 28, 2014



Mutant Club is an army. Nah, better yet the Navy. Mutant Club is a Sound; something we can’t describe due to limitations with the human language. It’s a feeling that only those with a rare genetic mutation can experience, and even fewer can create. Hand picked from the weirdest, wildest producers across the land, their powers have been developed, combined, and conjoined to bring you the Mutant Club. Overseen by masters of the club domain, they’ve been unleashed onto an unsuspecting club land to provide a spark of excitement and originality to a rapidly staling ‘scene’. Run. Hide. You can’t escape, for it is the year of the Mutant.


01. Mutant Club x Dizzy Bell – Warrior
02. Mutant Club x Trooko & Bot – State of Alert
03. Mutant Club x Astronomar & Tony Quattro – Trance Plants
04. Mutant Club x All Guns Blazing – Crazyhorse
05. Mutant Club x Bot – T4
06. Mutant Club x RVBRA – Jafra