Main Course Presents

Snacks: The Compilation Volume 7


Release Date: January 6, 2015



Snacks aims to expose big tracks from both new an upcoming producers around the world. All sounds, all styles and flavours. Our 7th collection is spearheaded by the massive Jersey Club influenced ‘Around Me’ from Italian producer Mace. It’s a big record, and was also set to warm the heads up for his recently release collabo ‘Bubblegum’ with Sasha Go Hard (Dec 9th). Next up is a massive track from Australian duo Senor Roar! Early supports from Botnek, TJR and Torro Torro on BBC Radio, this tells us you’ll be hearing this festival wide for eons to come. Sirens, Roars, Jenga! Chilean producer Hedo drops some jaws, including folks like Jack U (Skrillex & Diplo), plus A-Trak and Henry Fong with the frantic call to arms of ‘C’mon Y’all’ – we predict a massive talent in the making, with more releases planned from this talented producer! Newcastle, Australia’s future bass master Stephane 1993 follows up the immense ‘Plaques’ with ‘New Whip’, a bass filled romp through the club and back, laced with some tough guy screwface attitude. PLAY IT LOUD!! Next up, Wingman is an International collaboration of the mutants. Germany’s All Guns Blazing and Singapore’s Perk Pietrek who combine for some Transylvanian tribal horror rave stuff; not for the faint at heart.

The 2nd half of the collection starts with I AM ORKID’s ‘Get Them’, a percussively racious tumble, sprinkled with hardcore buildups and peak time drops, this track is, quite simply, a weapon. We get so vibey with the next track, and 2nd from Sona Vabos on Main Course. ‘Hey’ is masterpiece of understated house music, Bass, groove and vibe, this one has it all. Similarly, Wongo’s sophomore effort, ‘Just A Snare’. It’s a bit moody, a bit spacey (just like him) plus deep and brooding yet surprisingly playful (again, just like him). This is a great one for your next warehouse party and/or trip to space. Speaking of warehouse parties, we have a brilliant slice of dark techno from the mysterious Penatmon who’s Talking Points is ‘made for a chase through the city or a sweaty night at the grimiest but most amazing of nightclubs”. And finally, we must end, as all good things do, with ‘Keef Collection System’ from Atlanta’s Taste Tester. A simple yet, hypnotically effective flex, ripe with whistles.. lasers… bass.. it’s all we really need. Now with an ear full of SNACKS we urge you to head out into the world, nourished and prepared, for Vol 08 is soon to follow. For we offer only the best in crazy club musics, to all those who listen.

01 – Mace – Around Me
02 – Senor Roar – Jenga
03 – Hedo – C’mon Y’all
04 – Stephane 1993 – New Whip
05 – All Guns Blazing & Perk Pietrek – Wingman
06 – I AM ORKID – Get Them
07 – Sona Vabos – Hey
08 – Wongo – Just A Snare
09 – Pentamon – Talking Points
10 – Taste Tester – Keef Collection System

Cover Artwork by GIAK

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