5Main Course Presents

The Remixes: Volume 5


Release Date: April 14, 2015



Who doesn’t love a new version of their favourite tracks? Once again we ask some talented producers to sprinkle flavour all over our catalog, to great results. One of our favourite producers, Trooko flips Mace’s Jersey club influenced track ‘Around Me’ into a jacking, bass filled head nodder. LowParse won our remix contest for Bot’s Monky Man, and you can absolutely hear why – madness from this young Australian producer! 2 remixes of the recent Love Taps release featuring Maya Killtron – Eyes Everywhere bring the bass and pads on their tech house flavoured mix, while Brother In Arms (San Francisco’s J-Boogie and Deejay Theory) deliver a stunning indie dance / tropical touch which perfectly complements Maya’s vocals. Vibes! Next up up, Supraman and Kieran Loftus remix their own track, the recently released ‘All Yaw Tracks Wack’ and run in two different directions. Supraman rides a classic house vibe, while Kieran takes it underground with a drum machine powered juke/ghettotech hybrid. We now have 3 incredible versions to keep this anthem going! More coming too? Next up, the previously mentioned Love Taps flip Rob & Duke’s wild dancehall influenced smasher ‘Whine Up’ into a mid tempo tropical nodder. Lighta! Patrick Brian revisits one of our wildest records, the spastik ‘Warworld’ from SPF666 & Mike G and adds some eerie vibe, tiger sounds, screams, and face smacking percussion to the mix. Rounding out the pack is a bumpin’ techno mix of Stephane 1993’s ‘Plaques’ from Thomas K. who sent us his remix out of the blue. We listened, loved it, and asked to release it. After all, who are we to not let the children techno?

01 – Mace – Around Me (Trooko Remix)
02 – Bot – Monky Man (LowParse Remix)
03 – Love Taps ft Maya Killtron – Back For More (Brother In Arms Remix)
04 – Love Taps ft Maya Killtron – Back For More (Eyes Everywhere Remix)
05 – Supraman & Kieran Loftus – All Yaw Tracks Wack (Supraman Out of Pocket Remix)
06 – Supraman & Kieran Loftus – All Yaw Tracks Wack (Kieran Loftus Remix)
07 – Robs & Duke – Whine Up (Love Taps Remix)
08 – SPF666 & Mike G – Warworld (Patrick Brian VIP Mix)
09 – Stephane 1993 – Plaques (Thomas K. ’96’ Remix)

Cover Artwork by Giak

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