Main Course Presents

Snacks Volume 9


Release Date: May 5, 2015



Snacks aims to expose big tracks from both new and upcoming producers around the world. All sounds, all styles and flavours. Our 9th collection casts a wide net sonically, jumping around from Trap, to Breaks, and Balitmore Club to the undeniably bangin’ tracks we’re known for. Starting it off is a massive tune from Canadian producer Damn Kids. ‘Bombay’ has been a set staple for RL Grime and had the internet goin nuts with track IDs. SNACKS then comes full circle, with the 100th track ‘Sea Breeze’ from Astronomar & Bot (who collaborated on the first ever SNACKS we dropped) and the result is beautiful history. Perhaps not what you might expect from these two, Sea Breeze is a toned back, head-nodding groover. Pure class! Next up, Inesha (of Blatta & Inesha) teams up with Fanta for “Bumper”, an exercise in bass with a march-like syncopation and distorted kicks – turn this one up to 11! Continuing the theme of collabos, Juyen Subulba (Mixmash) gets to work with Snappy Jit (Mad Decent) for the playful, yet dangerous ‘Rotate’. This track is like wrestling a playful be careful.
Next we travel to Brazil to get ‘Busy’ with Sugar Crush and Wrong Bazz. Sirens, Elephants, Monkeys, oh my this track is massive and driven by a sinister club horn and commands to Pull Up! Noted. Another great collabo comes to life when Los Angeles based Saint meets up with the Queen of Balitmore Club, Uniiqu3 for ‘Yo (I’m Lit)’, which fittingly dropped on 4:20 combines euphoric club sounds with matter of factly vocal stylings..can’t nobody tell us shit! With swagger fully and steadily above a hundred..million..we present ‘All Yaw Tracks’ from Supraman & Kieran Loftus who deliver in a major way; Instant anthem status…get yo’ trax right fool! We then round up the compilation with 3 refreshingly unique solo tracks, the first from Sweden’s Carli (Half of Savage Skulls) who’s ‘Tic Tic Bonk’ is one of the weirdest, wildest, most fun tracks we’ve ever released, much less heard. Listen to this one and we promise it’ll ring through your head for weeks! Back to Los Angeles we go for up and coming Techno lord KMRT’s ‘RE:55’, a smoky, mysterious, distant and pulsating warehouse jam. And finally, The Slow Waves wrap up this release with the 2nd weirdest, wildest most fun track we’ve ever released. ‘Chippy’ is…we don’t know what it is, actually. Chiptune Drum & Bass? Perhaps. Unforgettable? Absolutely! Thanks for listening, and we’ll be back soon with Volume 10..cuz we don’t stop..and we can’t stop! Over and out!


01 – Damn Kids – Bombay
02 – Astronomar & Bot – Sea Breeze
03 – Inesha vs Fanta – Bumper
04 – Juyen Sebulba ft. Snappy Jit – Rotate
05 – Sugar Crush x Wrong Bazz – Busy
06 – Saint & Uniiqu3 – Yo (I’m Lit)
07 – Supraman & Kieran Loftus – All Yaw Tracks Wack
08 – Carli – Tic Tic Bonk
09 – KMRT – RE:55
10 – The Slow Waves – Chippy

Cover Artwork by GIAK