Main Course Presents

Snacks: The Compilation Volume 10


Release Date: July 17, 2015



Early Supports from: A-Trak, Oliver Heldens, BBC Radio 1, Chuckie & more!


01 – Skitzofrenix – Bounce
02 – Cedek – Sirena
03 – Kito & Swick – Video Call
04 – BLANC90 – Temptation
05 – Dom Dias – Pull It Again
06 – Dizzy Bell – They Like
07 – Pass The 40 – American Pimp
08 – Steve Caporal – Gimmie Back My Kush
09 – RVBRA – Go High
10 – E:91 – First Date

Snacks aims to expose the latest singles from both new and upcoming producers around the world. All sounds, all styles and flavours. We made it to our 10th collection, and it’s appropriately massive! Skitzofrenix brings starts it off with a bang..or should we say a “Bounce’, as his latest single has already permeated the charts and playlists of the A-listers – this is a future house anthem we predict will be one of the biggest songs of the summer! Atlanta based producer Cedek serves up Sirena, a wild and weird mutated club jam that’s perfect for both dark basements or festival stages – aka right up our alley. Next up, London meets Melbourne, as Kito collabos with Swick on Video Call, where the vibed out pads and bassline groove meld perfectly with the uniquely quirky, tropical off kilter percussion. BLANC90 is next up, and Temptation is undeniable – a strong vocal paired with an amazing house beat – but who is BLANC90?? That’s for us to know, and you to find out, but we can tell you it’s somebody you just might know. Oh, the mystery! Ramping it up, we head to Toronto to ‘Pull It Again’ with young and talented up and coming producer Dom Dias. He calls his style Island Rave, and we can get with that; the frantic sirens and tropical percussion harbour images of a wild outside party under the sun. Pull It Again!

Moving around the globe, like we do, we hit Austria for #MUTANTCLUB alumnus Dizzy Bell, who’s ‘They Like’ is an aggressively head nodding affair we’ve been playing each and every set. Secret weapon unleashed! Next we go back to the dark basements for a dose of Pass The 40, who returns to the Main Course fold with ‘American Pimp’, a pulsing techno lesson in North American pimpology, primed for the late nights and early mornings. Another mystery among the tracklist for now is the identity of Steve Caporal. Some bubbling tropical here – but are we talkin about the track? Or that haze? We’ll tell you, but first of all…give him back his kush! Fittingly, we then ‘Go High’ with Italian duo RVBRA who yet again, time after time deliver the biggest and wildest club jams out there – these guys are masters of the banger and we’re geeked to showcase yet another stomper! To tie it all together, we end our around the world trip in Latvia, of all places, where our homeboy E:91 has looped his brain through vintage analog tape, and outputted the filtered bumper “First Date” – it’s a timeless sound we love and miss. Gotta say Latvians do it better! Well, this commences the 10th edition of SNACKS – we’ll be back in August with more singles from the worlds most exciting producers!

Cover Artwork by GIAK