Main Course Presents

Snacks: The Compilation Volume 12


Release Date: October 16, 2015




01. @Baewatch – Rave Level 9
02. @Aylen – Dippin Dots
03. @Raitobeats – Hot Temptation
04. @MijMack – Take Me Higher
05. @GAWP – Gandles

Snacks aims to expose the latest singles from both new and upcoming producers around the world. All sounds, all styles and flavours; something for every palette. We’ve also cut the serving size down to five tracks in order to better focus on the different audible treats we’ve collected. Wasting no time, we jump directly to “Rave Level 9” with New Jersey / Colorado duo Baewatch. You are about to embrace a level of party that can only be met with the proper amount of drugs, music & light (The highest level that can be reached without dying). Track 1 means shit is just getting started – this tune is MASSIVE! Expect to hear it on every big stage worldwide, very soon! Keeping the energy very high, Aylen returns (following up the massive Quack Attack in 2014 and releases on Bingo Players ‘Hysteria’ label) with Dippin’ Dots, a direct and to the point club weapon that was originally written for the Main Course WMC Miami Party in March. We kept it brewing until it was safe to unleash. Our precautions, your gain! The third track in the pack is a coming out party of sorts for Raito, a new and exciting techno project from ½ of our favourite french duos – that’s all we’ll say for now, because the tracks do the talking, and we have more scheduled for release from this talented beatsmith very soon! Next we turn it around, tone it down a bit, but massively up the groove with Mij Mack, a very exciting producer from the UK. ‘Take Me Higher’ is already collecting spins on Rinse FM, and will be at home perfectly with the house and bassline set. Clean, quality, vibes – all three boxes effortless checked with this one. Finally, we stay nearby for the latest from GAWP, another side project of a rad UK duo, and a familiar name to the Main Course family. Unsure what Gandles were, we looked it up on Urban Dictionary and apparently it’s “a young man who voluntarily drinks a heavy mixture of anaesthetics and tranquilizers”. We can only imagine how this venture through the mind would indeed feel, guided by the sweeping basslines and pulsing percussion of a GAWP production. Something to counteract the playful tones of the track, to complete the ascension to Rave Level 10. Or at least close out this collection on a fitting note. Enjoy these tracks in excess, but safely!

Cover Artwork by GIAK