Mutant Club

Roc Mutation


Release Date: November 6, 2015



#MUTANTCLUB – Roc Mutation Tracklisting:

01. @Astronomar & @Hasse-de-Moor – Wakeup
02. @Aylen – Wawabongo
03. @JSTJR & @7heSaint – Operate
04. @Raitobeats – Rave Percs
05. @PNCVZ – Maga

Cover Artwork by Shu

Mutant Club is an army. Nah, better yet The Navy. Mutant Club is that Sound; something we can’t describe due to limitations with the human language. It’s a feeling that only those with a rare genetic mutation can experience, and even fewer can create. Hand picked from the weirdest, wildest producers across the land, their powers have been developed, combined, and conjoined to bring you the Mutant Club. First in the ring, Mutant headmaster Astronomar joins up with young prodigy Hasse de Moor for the jolting ‘Wakeup”, a collabo birthed high above the planet in a floating studio somewhere over Greenland. A warning siren beckons signalling the arrival of The Mutants. We then induct alumnus Aylen into the guild, who offers the tribal powers of ‘Wawabongo’ to showcase a new style and method for the underground dance lairs. JSTJR & Saint have been knighted for their efforts as well, and their track ‘Operate’ is shown to rebuild, repair, and direct any mutant back to full health and mindfulness. The mysterious Raito once again proves his prowess with the industrial ‘Rave Percs’ which goes a long way to numb the pain through the power of Techno. We are forever thankful for the efforts of the healers. Once restored, we are free to experience the wonders of ‘Maga’, a powerful out of mind and body experience from Venezuelan producer PNCVZ who remains one of our youngest, but most promising new powers. This group, overseen by masters of their domain, have been unleashed onto an unsuspecting club land to provide a spark of excitement and originality to a rapidly staling ‘scene’. Run. Hide. You can’t escape, for it is the age of the Mutant.