Main Course Presents

Year Three


Release Date: May 20, 2016



& grab the incredible mix (free download) now from @TheeMikeBdj! Every year we ask our favourite DJs to put together a mix showcasing our biggest and baddest tracks of the year. Los Angeles legend (thee) Mike B (please say the ‘thee’!) never ceases to amaze..we’re such a big fan of his mixes, and great natured lvlz of ticeness, we were honored when we agreed to do the catalog such justeece with a mix. Shouts to @UNIIQU3 for the shouts!!

Mix Tracklisting:
@Kid-Kamillion & @JesseSlayter – Warehouse
@theeMikeBdj & @BOT106 – Knee On
@BLANC90 – Temptation
@MijMack – Take Me Higher
@Skitzofrenix – Bounce
@EyesEverywhere & @BOT106 – Day Job
@TonyQuattro – My House (ft Showtime Willy)
@DonRimini – Don’t Make Me Wait
@Sage-Armstrong & @BOT106 – Diamond Rangs
@Stranger & @BOT106 – Lo Dat
@Ghostea & @LuxGroove – Bout That
@Wongeezzee & @JAXXDAFISHWORKS – Feelin’ (Feel That Edit)
@DomDias – Pull It Again
@JuyenSebulba – Rotate (ft @SnappyJit)
@Astronomar & @Hasse-de-Moor – Wakeup
@Aylen – Dippin Dots
@Kid-Kamillion – Somewhere (ft Karen Waldrup)
HervePagez @rvpgz – Robutt
@Raitobeats – Rave Percs
@BertOnBeats – Badboy Drop
@All-Guns-Blazing-2 & @PerkPietrek – Bahdy
@Astronomar & @iamWuki – How We Live
Baewatch – Rave Level 9
Baewatch – Rave Level 9 (Herve Pagez Remix)
@Damn_Kids – Bombay
@thisisKito & @SwickSwick – Video Call
@JSTJR & @7heSaint – Operate
Taurus Scott (@taurus-scott-aka-t-scott) & Sphynxx (@sphynxx_music) – Karate Class
@7heSaint & @Uniiqu3 – Yo (I’m Lit)
@TheSlowWaves – Chippy

The first of 3 exclusives from the pack, an explosive collabo between the always wild, always jackin’ Wongo (@wongeezzee) and our main man from Japan @JaxxDaFishworks! There’s 2 versions of this track, and the ‘Feel That’ edit is exclusive to the Year Three Compilation! This one is hype in digital form…grab it fast, play it loud, and be sure to FEEL THAT!!

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Year Three is a collection of our biggest records from our third year! A greatest hits of sorts – the songs that defined the moments, racked up the plays and supports, and showed another side to what we do. This year we asked our favourite DJ (thee) Mike B from Los Angeles to recap the year that was in mixtape form. A master of the medium, vibes are at an all time high, with THREE new tracks sprinkled within the mix, including Mike’s latest track with BOT called ‘Knee On’, plus a molten collabo from Wongo & Jaxx Da Fishworks, and that immense Herve Pagez remix of Baewatch’s ‘Rave Level 9’! So, sit back and enjoy the hits, – you’ll only find them on Year Three! Enjoy!