Main Course Presents

Snacks Volume 16


Release Date: November 18, 2016



01. @SexyPenguins – 2U
02. @Bert_on_Beats is Bob Meanwhile – Go To Work
03. @CLB_sounds – Massive
04. @Jace Mek – Biscuit
05. @219_Boys_official – Inter Stella

It’s been a long time / we shouldn’t have left you / without some strong SNACKS to step to!

They say birds of a feather flock together, but what if said birds are sexy, too?! Sexy Penguins, by way of Barcelona are sure to ruffle feathers in the near future as they deliver ‘2U’ a loopy lullaby to start it off. From there we migrate north to the forests of Estonia where Bob Meanwhile (also known as Bert On Beats) is the first to ‘Go To Work’ and is shaking down promoters.(You better give him his damn money! Where them dollas at?!) Bob is gonna take that money and buy some flights to Chicago were the young gunna CLB is cranking out some ‘Massive’ & useful club weapons. His recent output has been nothing short of a smorgasbord of piping hot treats like deep fried Oreos & lava cakes. Not all in this world is sweet however. Take for example, the biscuit. A ‘Biscuit’ is fluffy & rich, but don’t drop it! Oops, too late, we just did. No stranger to the Main Course kitchen, line cook Jace Mek keeps dropping all the biscuits! Our customers get so infuriated that they blast off into orbit and become ‘Inter Stella’ with San Francisco’s 219 Boys. Did you know we have 219 beers on tap? Albeit none as lush & creamy as the 219 Boy’s signature bass bumps and flutters, but equally intoxicating.

So at this time please take your seat, unfold your napkin and wet your whistle; SNACKS 16 has landed!

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