Main Course Presents

Snacks Volume 17


Release Date: January 27, 2017



Snacks 17 opens with ‘Whistler’ a chord driven, yet wonky exercise by LA’s Chris Bushnell; The beat goes like this! Take a left on Temple Street and you’ll come up on Bixel Street. Indigenous to LA, the Bixel Boys deliver ‘Traffic’ a bouncy chugging house weapon full of bass throbs & sliced vocals. Continue for a quarter mile and we discover ‘Whats Good’ with Ducky & Jessica Audiffred, who give us a halftime jewel with some very hype rave components. Proceed to the route. We are on the way to do dabs with Aylen & Div/ide. Excited & growly, ‘Hot Box’ is sure to get you lit! Continue on the I-10 E for 1,895 miles and we can rest in New Orleans where Kid Kamillion unveils his new alias Daytona 83. Make sure your Volume is all the way up! For real, turn it UP! Do you think you’re fierce? Dallas’ Pass The 40 needs to know. 40 gives us a smooth tech-roller and questions your fierceness in the classiest way possible. Now its time to shake with Germany’s own FromDropTilDawn. The boys hit hard with a bloopy foray of thuddy kicks and crispy percussion. Topping off this batch of goodies is Mexico’s Stuuks; ‘Just Love It’ is a jacking tech bomb, smooth & refreshing like horchata on a hot summer day.

01 – Chris Bushnell – Whistler
02 – Bixel Boys – Traffic
03 – Ducky & Jessica Audiffred – Whats Good
04 – Aylen & DIV/IDE – Hot Box
05 – Daytona 83 – Volume
06 – Pass The 40 – Fierce
07 – FromDropTillDawn – Shake It Song
08 – Stuuks – Just Love It