BOT New World EP


Release Date: January 25, 2019



New Year, New World…Who dis? Main Course triumphantly returns with a monstrousity of a mini album from @BOT106. It’s almost unfair to call it that, as it’s anything but ‘mini’. Quality underground house packed with emotion and feel, and crafted from the mind and ears of one of dance musics most talented producers. Enough of what we think, lets let the man / machine speak on it…

“BOT NEW WORLD is my world. This is the first time I’ve put into music a collection of songs that conveys all the different moods I love to experience on the dance floor. Sometimes it’s going to be energetic and raw, while other times a little complexity adds to it. My only feature is with Kwonyin, who came to the studio and sang without words. Needless to say our song was a welcome challenge, and finishing it was the moment that made me realise I had an album..”