Raw & Funny EP


Release Date: September 27, 2019



Main Course has a long, deep history with Finland. Back in 2012, Astronomar released his debut EP with the iconic Helsinki based Top Billin, which also featured Neoteric. Since then the label has diversified it’s outlets, including Sharkslayer’s own wing of the empire, My Techno Weighs A Ton. This is were NiQW comes into play. NiQW, born Niklas, is the head A&R for M.T.W.A.T. and is in large responsible for their massive & diverse catalog. We asked Nik to step away from his office for a few moments to bless us with a few of his lovingly crafted & destructive club weapons, and he sent us the Raw & Funny ep.
“U” sets the energy on a high note with its boisterous drums and chunky low end.. quickly following is the high speed “Raw”, with fluttering percussion and delayed vocals calling you to the underground. Concluding the grouping is the light hearted cut, “It’s Funny”, who’s playful melody is so infectious, Bot compared the arrangement to something Switch might have written.