Depth Perception


Release Date: November 1, 2019



Weird never goes out of style, and FOOLiE is as off the wall as they come. And while his ideas are bugged out, they also exude an air of patience. It’s a delicate balance, but San Jose’s masked vigilante delivers the type of disorienting equation that we at Main Course love. Enter the Depth Perception EP.

Crisscut quickly spirals into a whirling frenzy with its playful yet deliberate synth pattern & callous drums. On Freedom, our masked assailant gets a hand from England’s JazzyUK for a moody exposition. Wummy is a brooding arrangement that takes us to the nucleus of strange; is this what the Big Bang might have sounded like? Rounding out the pack, FOOLiE teams up with Texan Wallace K for a fuel injected club weapon that will make your adrenal glands bubble.

Consummating this mind-bending collection is a pixelated eyegasm from Los Angeles based artist Nicholas Murphy, who repurposed a photo by Manuel Lopez, matching the emotive scramble in FOOLiE’s compositions.

Join us on this one way ticket into oblivion.