Magic Potion EP


Release Date: July 31, 2015



Main Course maestro Astronomar is back with a new mystifying effort; the Magic Potion EP. Each elixir hand-crafted with the finest ingredients foraged along his travels throughout the land. 4 unfiltered tracks so powerful, they’ve left audiences in a stunned daze from the wild bush of Australia to EDC 2015 in Las Vegas. Make no mistake, this is no snake oil, replete with promise of club action; but in fact the real deal. On ‘How We Live’, Astronomar pairs up with Booty Wizard, Wuki, a combo which evoked some searing lasers and bubbling blips sure to slay dragons. ‘Earth Tones’ harnesses the ancient vibrations of our mother planet and takes you on a bouncy ride along a whitewater river, atop a bed of moss. ‘Sliver’ is a hooky, fidget-esque drama summoning the cries of prior war lords, while ‘Starekase’ completes the sermon, as an unrelenting yet minimal techno anthem, sure to amp up your army before battle. 4 formulas, expertly arranged. Use them wisely!


01. Astronomar & Wuki – How We Live
02. Astronomar – Earth Tones
03. Astronomar – Silver
04. Astronomar – Starekase