Main Course Presents

Snacks Volume 18


Release Date: July 28, 2017



“I haven’t had the time to plan returning to the scene because I haven’t left it.”
Mick Jagger

The ever-eclectic Main Course crew is back with another flavor pack, this time with a truly diverse spread of club-ready darts.

Akira Akira calls us onto the ball court with “Sneakers” and skitters his way to the basket to deliver a slam dunk, while Oviedo based Fearz plays offence with “Hit It From Da Bak”; a powerful ghetto house slapper that will get butts moving, no doubt. Slowbody & Holly buddy up on “Give Me That (Of Gold)”, and they really mean it. Give it to them with the same urgency that Sage Armstrong & Astronomar demand their coffee in the morning, as portrayed in their wake-up anthem “Coffee Sizzippin”. Radical Kid gives us a high protein Baile Funk inspired number, “Kingo”, meanwhile Japan’s NineStateFlex sears the sub woofers with the woozy bassline on “Living Fire”. It’s all about coordination in the kitchen; Noise Frenzy gives the pasta a cold rinse with his menacing groove on “Boogie”, Sly Turner purees tomatoes & basil to create an insanely chunky sauce on “Psycho History” and Mannequin tops off this SNACKS bundle with some swift, silky rhythms with “Lucid Dream”. Everyone loves a well rounded smorgasbord, and SNACKS 18 is just that…. Let’s feast!

01 – Akira Akira – Sneakers
02 – Fearz – Lemme Hit it From Da Bak
03 – Slowbody & Holly – Give Me That (Of Gold)
04 – Sage Armstrong & Astronomar – Coffee Sizzippin
05 – Radical Kid – Kingo
06 – NineStatesFlex – Living Fire
07 – Noise Frenzy – Boogie
08 – Sly Turner – Psycho History
09 – Mannequin – Lucid Dream