Sweet Sixteen 002 – Zeeaa


Zia Hirji is a great friend from Vancouver. For years now he’s been involved in the Vancouver music scene, DJing, throwing parties, and doing his radio show ‘Inside Out’ on CITR. We wanted to feature the Main Course crew first before we branch out to others. With that said, take it away Zeeaa!
– Jeremiah

Sweet Sixteen 002 – Zeeaa (I’m Sorry, I Can’t, Dont Hate Me)

With my Sweet 16 I wanted to put together a bunch of songs that serve as a sampling of what I listen to day to day. Some of these songs are personal favorites, others are just good tunes I listen to on a regular basis. The first bit starts off pretty sexy and R&B tinged basically music to get sexy to, then we get into rad post punk tunes, and there is a Coke Boys song at the end. I present..

I’m Sorry, I Can’t, Dont Hate Me

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1. Bobby Caldwell- Open Your Eyes

My favorite Bobby Caldwell song and a great way to open a mixtape. How his vocals and the piano work together is really amazing and super powerful.

2. Erykah Badu – Sometimes

Light some candles, invite a lady over and play this song. Thank me later.

3. Bilal – Hands of Time

Same thing I said for the last song goes for this one. Remember the whole Neo-Soul thing? It was really the best.

4. DJ Quik- Summer Breeze

Big DJ Quik fan here. This is my go to summer jam, even though I’m from Vancouver and we get like 2 months of sun I put this song on and pretend.

5. Lucy Pearl – Dance Tonight

“I want to dance tonight, I want to toast tonight, I’ll spend my money tonight, I want to get freaky tonight” – what are you guys doing tonight?

6. Donald Byrd – (Fallin’ Like) Dominoes

This is one of those tunes you put on and you just cant help but moving your body to it.

7. Model 500- The Flow (Juan Atkins G-Funk)

Juan Atkins does G Funk, and its pretty decent.

8. The Sound – Unwritten Law

This is the part of the mix where I got into some of my most adored post punk records. The Sound is a band that is painfully overlooked, if you like Joy Division or any of their contemporaries you will dig this.

9. The Chameleons – Pleasure and Pain

Another great post punk record.

10. Grauzone – Eisberg

My friend Tyler Fedchuk who does Radio Zero and a bunch of nights around town does a Post Punk night and played this and I immediately freaked out and had one of those WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS moments.

11. Ladyhawk –The Dugout

Ladyhawk is from Vancouver and I saw them play in 2007 in a random warehouse and the minute they played Dugout I was instantly sold. This song basically captures what Vancouver felt like to me from 2007-2008.

12. The Members – The Sound of the Suburbs

I’ve never been that up on Punk rock or whatever the kids call it these days, but I stumbled upon this record and it instantaneously caught my ear, the pop sensibilities of this song are unparalleled.

13. ESG – Part Music

I had to put an ESG song on here, and this one is the hardest out.

14. Quincy Jones – Ai No Corrida

I was at the airport in Houston at some random airport bar and started talking to this guy who looked vaguely familiar. Finally i placed him and called the guy on it and it turned out it was Quincy Jones. After talking about his jazz carreer and working with michael jackson for hours he finally had to leave for his flight and left me with A FUCKING $200 bill. Fuck that guy he owes me money…this song still rules though.

15. Sound Stream – All Night

I really wanted to put Master Jam – Dancing All Night on here but I couldn’t find a digital version of it, and I really like Sound Stream so two birds with one stone I guess?

16. French Montana feat The Coke Boys – 9000 watts

Guys, French Montana isn’t a geographical place or the French part of Montana – HE’S THE HARDEST SHIT OUT. Seriously I listen to a lot of Rap Music but didn’t put much on this list this so you have a French Montana track. “I MADE A MIL- I FUCKED IT UP”-French Montana being honest. THIS IS POWERFUL MUSIC MAN.

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